Dear Visitor,

Fred Picker passed away at 9:15 PM on April 3, 2002.Fred Picker black and white portrait

On behalf of our family, I'd like to thank the many friends who have responded so kindly to this loss. Your appreciation for Fred's contributions has been a great source of strength during these times. If you would like to read an article that was published in our local newspaper after Fred's passing, click here.

Due to overwhelming interest and support, The Print Club will start up again shortly. The prints will be made using Fred's negatives, his notes, techniques and even his darkroom. Currently, there is a limited supply of Fred's last works, signed and mounted.

What follows is the website that Fred created with the addition of eight prints. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here using the e-mail links associated with the website. Check back for continuing updates.

Thank you for keeping Fred in your thoughts and hearts.

With best wishes,

Andy Simonds
(Fred's nephew)
Dummerston, Vermont

photo by Fred Picker



photo by Fred Picker

Dear Photographer,

You may know me as the founder of Zone VI Studios. I was involved in the manufacture of 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 large format field cameras, cold light enlargers, modified meters, dark room timers, etc. I also published The Zone VI Newsletter for twenty years and conducted photographic workshops for more than twenty years. My books include photo by Fred Picker The Zone VI Workshop, The Fine Print, Rapa Nui (Easter Island with Thor Heyerdahl), The Iceland Portfolio, and Fred Picker, a monograph. These ventures thrived and when I suddenly found that I was becoming more business man than photographer, I sold the works to Calumet. They still stock some of the items (1-800 CALUMET).

Since then I have been involved mainly with personal photography, fly fishing and travel. I have several projects that are ongoing. One that I enjoy greatly and that might be of interest to you is my "Print Club". It was born out of the suggestion of several workshop students. In brief, the collector agrees to purchase up to three prints a year (it has averaged two). These are printed by me on graded 8 x 10 paper, toned, archivally processed, mounted on four ply 14 x 18 Westminster Museum Board and signed. The prints are from negatives that I select and which are, in my opinion, my finest work. The quality is identical to my custom prints.

Because the savings in time are substantial when making a number of prints from the same negative, instead of my custom print price of $500.00, these are priced at $125.00 including custom packing and shipping. I will limit the Print Club members to 100. There are currently 78 members participating.

If you are interested in becoming a Print Club member, call, fax (same number), write or email me. Please include your US (or international) mailing address with your email correspondence. I will send you an agreement letter for your review. photo by Fred Picker

With Best Wishes

Fred Picker
1126 Park Laughton Road
East Dummerston, Vermont 05346
(802) 387-4334